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RTO Partners and its subsidiaries, downpaymentloan.ca and dontloseyourhome.ca, are marketing and information services only and are not acting as a broker or agent for any person or property. Anyone interested in any financial solution or the purchase or sale of any property should contact one of our partner companies (or one of your own choice) who are professionally licensed to provide credit, real estate or legal services. Information within this web site is deemed reliable and accurate but is not guaranteed to be so.

The information provide by and contained in the downpaymentloan.ca website is made available for viewing for information purposes only. No information on site is financial advice or a property listing nor constitutes an offer to sell/lease.

downpaymentloan.ca and its affiliates make no claims as to the accuracy of information on its site and does not warrant, guarantee, verify the accuracy or source or make any representation of the information submitted and contained on our website. It is the responsibility of anyone or any entity using the information contained in this website to independently confirm its accuracy and determine the suitability of the information for their needs.

Neither RTO Partners, nor any of its employees, owners or management, are licensed realtors, lawyers, mortgage brokers or credit counselors. As part of our FREE services to our clients, you can choose professionals yourself, or use the licensed realtors, brokers, lawyers and other professionals that have partnering relationships with RTO Partners.

Lawyers we work with and/or recommend are licensed by the Law Society Of Upper Canada and/or the Ontario Bar Association (oba.org). Lawyers outside of Ontario will be licensed by province. As we expand in 2014, non-Ontario provincial associations will appear here. We recommend to all rent to own clients that they hire a lawyer of their own choice, to review their rent to own contracts.

Realtors we work with, and assign to our clients’ needs, are licensed by the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA), and outside Ontario they will be licensed provincially. Furthermore, Ontario realtors are held responsible by real estate boards in different cities or regions. As we expand in 2014, non-Ontario provincial associations will appear here.

Mortgage brokers (lender representatives) we work with are licensed by Ontario Financial Services Commission – see www.fsco.gov.on.ca/en/mortgage‎. Outside Ontario, provincial equivalents apply. As we expand in 2014, non-Ontario provincial associations will appear here.


We do not directly bill our home-buying or credit-repair clients, any fee. We are compensated by the professionals that we partner with (see above) to achieve clients’ objectives.