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Realtors – Click here to sign up and get a realtor ID number (just once), then use the form below every time you have a client who needs a down payment loan. Rather just talk to us? Call 647 729 2282. If you don’t know how this program fits with the November 2012 CMHC change to forbid 100% financing, click here.

Is Your Client Qualified For A 95% Mortgage?
Get Them A Down Payment Loan FAST!

1) Buyer must obtain cash-back mortgage from our down payment lender’s preferred mortgage broker.
2) Buyer’s EquiFax score must be 680 or higher.
3) Loan is due 15 days after closing, otherwise lender has right to place 2nd mortgage.
4) You are authorizing us to contact your client (the home buyer).
5) You have informed your client that you are applying on their behalf.

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